Group Introduction


A leading company in purchasing,processing,exporting and selling in domestic  market in China

The history of Oceanese Group can be date back to 2001.Headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao.It is the Fishery industrialization leading enterprises who has ocean seafood as the main body of the global procurement, processing, research and development, brand marketing, international operations as a whole,and has import and export right.

Since its establishment, Oceanese Group always stand in the industry.In order to  the enterprise idea of “professional quality” and “enterprising spirit” “innovation and development”lead the industry forward.

Oceanese Group is composed of  Qingdao bonded area sea international trade co., LTD., Qingdao Marine brother seafood co., LTD., Qingdao Marine brothers food co., LTD., loose pill (Qingdao) co., LTD., established, more than 1000 employees.Oceanese Group has several modern food processing factory and cold storage and advanced production lines, has a comprehensive quality control system. Group through global cooperation strategy, to realize the automatic processing, low temperature storage transportation, incomparable cold-chain food system is established. It has passed HACCP, ISO9002, BRC and MSC and other international certification. Annual processing capacity of 20000 tons, sales of more than 60 million dollars.

Oceanese Group product sales covering major cities in China.Products are ito-yokado, aeon group, metro, wal-mart, BHG products supermarkets in the high-end business recognition. Products of foreign marketing the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe, Greenland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and other dozens of countries and regions. After years of development, Oceanese Group has formed from the source to the table, from simple seafood production and processing to food and beverage, pasta finishing complete industry chain integration.

Oceanese Group, with its constant quality and commitment, a leading international standard of food safety, quality and sustainable raw material procurement, trustworthy brand strength, sincerely hope to cooperate with my colleagues at home and abroad, the competition and win-win, Marine food has become a global health service providers.

Oceanese Group supply the products to Customers from all over the world.According to the《Export food production enterprises for the record management regulations》、《Aquatic products HACCP implementation guidelines》、American FDA aquatic product HACCP regulations (21CFR Part123)、《directive of European Union》,And in 2007,  it has fully implementing the quality management system, and ensure that any time and any food safety of the product.

 Oceanese Group to make seafood products take the market as the core.Adhering to the “safety, nutrition, delicious, convenient” concept of development, to the health of the global public offer the most quality seafood for the purpose,Invites dealers supermarket enjoy business opportunities.


Global sourcing, international marketing. There are Strong business philosophy, high standards of product quality,and good reputation.

Oceanese Group of industry development and its architecture always operational collaboration system are inseparable.In the industrialization of the supply chain,  with the development of win-win with customers and strategic partners concurrence principle, forming a solid relations of cooperation, we sincerely invite distributors enjoy business opportunities.

The restaurant/hotel channel

Oceanese Group has formed “from the source to the table”, from simple seafood production and processing to food, pasta finishing complete industry chain integration.Adhering to the “quality comes from natural” enterprise idea,and make the product safer, more professional, more nutrition, more healthy; Let consumers more comfortable, more secure, more happy.From the source to control the product quality completely,and give you the real natural pollution-free high-quality goods seafood in the world.

Do processing/storage service

Quality derived from natural.Oceanese Group through the industrial chain brothers group, and depth distribution of resources integration, and has formed the industry’s most powerful and most advanced research and development, the processing capacity of seafood.Introduced from abroad with the international advanced level of production testing equipment, factory workshop layout design and manufacture completely according to the HACCP plan. Annual processing capacity of 20000 tons. Has two meet the requirements of the international ISO9002 quality modern processing workshops, cold storage capacity of 6000 tons.

import and export trade

We are sea cucumber spot Iceland, Greenland halibut, Alaska snow crab, Canada spring fish, Norway’s arctic cod important importer.