Group Culture


Enterprise Cultures

Tolerance, broad, warm, deep,

The deep ocean  culture is Oceanese Group’s positioning

Is a broad mind, hot feelings,

Is derived from the natural quality.

A steady stream,and prolongs.

Oceanese group always adhere to the “quality derived from natural”.We will focus in the field of deep sea seafood diet culture, professional in the spread of deep-sea seafood in China, concentrate on Chinese family realize the goal of industrial kitchen, efforts to become the most trusted food lovers at home cooking seafood in the world.

The foundation of the survival is enterprising, innovation Oceanese Group. the optimization of resources, innovative ideas into the enterprise culture. Marine brothers group encourages its employees to bold innovation, at the same time provide employees with easier terms and development space.

To build a strong brand deep-sea seafood, the pursuit of high tastes of people around the world enjoy leading ® seafood in the world.


Oceanses Group Mission

With healthy, delicious and fast product strength, makes the Oceanese  group in this industry full of opportunities to become a respected “four satisfaction” for enterprises.

☉Consumer Satisfaction:With fine service, through brand make consumers get pleasure

☉Employee Satisfaction:To contribute to enterprise employees with benefits, stage and in the future.

☉Partner satisfaction:Win-win, harmonious development.

☉Government Satisfaction: A law-abiding people, the good faith management, can save a lot of problems for the government.

Oceanese  Group Vision

Create a respected, outstanding of  Marine food companies in the world.

★ We provide healthy, delicious and fast for the human sea seafood,and we have many years of experience in brand of seafood cuisine, advocate a healthy diet, diet culture spread deep sea seafood.We carry forward the “quality derived from natural”.

★ We build ocean brothers world seafood brand, and exported to markets at home and abroad.Our purpose is to let the pursuit of high tastes of people around the world can eat seafood to deep sea Marine brothers group.

Oceanese group core values

The fisherman spirit: diligence, courage, wisdom, simple


Bias for Action:Rapid response is the basic condition of enterprise survival, fisherman can only to fair sailing to the depths of the sea seafood, keep on trying.


Scaling New Heights:To motivate every employee, meet difficulties head-on, fearless in the storm, advocating hand lead the staff and the enterprises, we make the enterprise become indestructible diamond group.


Be good at learning:Like the sea, to accept all the advanced knowledge and experience.small bites, continuous improvement, constantly surpassing。We cultivate innovative talents, and the winner is always the people who can go beyond the conventional.


Be practical and realistic:Hold the pulse of The Times, it is not showy, find the essence of the problem, do better today than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.

Oceanese Group Cultural Concept——Cohesion strength, success, and happiness.

Cohesive forces  Teamwork  Tccountability
At work, we need to know their own advantages into full play

We should make an opinion, with an open heart to listen to the opinions of others, call a spade a spade
We are willing to share experience and knowledge

Innovation execution, successful career
Positive thinking, innovative
Positive thinking, decision prior to the decision after the stick to it
Face to innovation,Impact on individual rational treatment ,Full communication, Sincerity to cooperate.
Having predictive consciousness in the work, constantly trying new methods.
Grow in innovation, continue to expand their business line.
In the development of the enterprise develop themselves at the same time.

Grateful respect, boost happiness
To respect and gratitude in the cooperation.  Lubrication, friction between people.
Harvest knowledge, experience and skills in the work, friendship.
Promoting happiness here.

Internationalization: the internationalization of production management, sales management, brand management mode.

Industrialization: product development, production, sales and Internet industrialization layout.

Brand: its accurate positioning and comprehensive analysis of its own resources, create competitive differentiation brand enterprises.

Information: chasing down times Using Internet technology resources to improve competitiveness.

Oceanese Group Operation Principle

With the good faith, sincere, friendly, professional spirit to treat every customer.

Repay society with rigorous, the high quality service quality.

With the innovative spirit of innovation, positive and looking forward to seek development