Group of qualification

Oceanese group Honor

Quality Assurance
Oceanese group to the supply of a product of the country and the customers all over the world, in accordance with the requirements of the “export food production enterprise archival management regulations”, “aquatic product HACCP implementation guide”, the FDA aquatic products HACCP regulations (21 CFR Part123), the EU directive, such as, in 2007 the full implementation of the quality management system, and ensure food safety of any time and any product.
Production and quality control
We strictly in accordance with ISO, HACCP, BRC, IFS code to ensure production process quality management, effective control of the products may exist on the human body caused by the significant hazards, achieve worldwide to provide safe food.
Product identification and traceability
Oceanese group asks for all product traceability. In the supply of raw materials, production management, warehousing, logistics, marketing related business links to take appropriate software and hardware techniques real-time recording product information, can be through the query keep track of products production condition, the state of the storage and flow, in order to achieve the product traceability.
Quality certification
In 2007 by the sanitation registration review, 2008 through the national certification and Accreditation Administration HACCP verification, 2009 by the BRC audit, in 2010 the company do the MSc certification, 2011 by the audit of the ETI, in 2012 the company through the Russian export review work, the products can be sent to the United States, Canada, Japan, EU, Korea, Vietnam, Russia and other more than 30 countries.

Oceanese Group’s industrial development has been closely linked with the architecture of the operating system. In the industrial supply and demand chain, in line with customers and strategic partners to win the development of the principle of win-win cooperation, the formation of a solid partnership.