Antarctic Toothfish Steak

Silver cod

Silver cod, known as the “table of the nutrition”, “liquid gold”, it is visible that the nutritional value of the high. The flesh of the silver cod is thick, thorn is little, taste delicious, nutrition expert points out, its protein content is very high, and the fat content is extremely low to less than 0.5%, almost equal to the shark meat. More importantly, the cod liver oil content as high as 45%, while containing A, D and E and other vitamins.

It is said that there are at least 365 Ways of cooking the COD, among which the most famous is the steamed cod “. Practice is on the fish put potatoes (potatoes) and onion slices, and then put into the steamer steamed, finally boiled eggs and decorated with black olives.

In addition to eat steamed, grilled cod, garlic cod, cod is made out of corn nuts are also very good
Cod, low fat, high protein, thorn less nutritious food for all ages. Cod has the advantages of high nutrition, low cholesterol, easy to be absorbed by the body and so on. Cod fish fat contains globulin, albumin and phosphorus nuclear protein, also contains a lot of children which are necessary for the development of all kinds of amino acid, the ratio and the children of the requirement is very similar, and easy to be digested and absorbed, also contains unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B.

Packaging: color bag packaging
Net content: 200g; 300g; 454g

Origin: New Zealand

Pan-Fried Codfish in Soy Sauce
Add cooking wine 1 fish marinated for a while.
Add salt and marinate for 2.
3 salted cod with two sides covered with flour.
4 the excess flour shake clean, and then put the egg in the egg wrapped in uniform.
5 and then wrapped in egg cod almond uniformly wrapped in almond.
6 add the right amount of olive oil in the pan.
7 put the pieces of chopped almonds in a piece of COD.
When the 8 side of the fish fry golden yellow, over to fry the other side (with Weihuo slowly fried, not fried paste).
9 fish fry dish out the bottom of the pot, fry butter.
10 add onion and stir fry.
11 add the right amount of pepper.
12 in the pot to squeeze the lemon juice.
13 to add the right amount of white wine, and finally sprinkle with the method of incense broken.
14 to do the soup poured into the fried cod can block.
1, the fish oil must not be too high, too high temperature will make the olive oil lose nutrients.
2, the furnace must be fried fish with fire, so as to outside Giori tender, not put out the bacon, which also unfamiliar.

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