Black COD Portion

Black cod, due to its high oil content and superior taste, black cod is caught in the United States the most expensive fish at the bottom, although caught in the United States more than 80% of black cod sold to Japan, in recent years to the number of China’s exports on the rise. In China, black cod is a Chilean alternative.
Black cod distribution in California from the Bering Sea to the northeast Pacific ocean. Although it is usually referred to as black cod, but they do not belong to the Gadid, and belongs to the unique sablefishes department.
In Alaska, black cod fishing by the quota distribution system management. The system will allocate a predetermined number of fishing to each of the fishermen, allowing them to catch any time during the open season from March 15th to November 15th. This management system will enable fishermen to grasp more initiative in fishing, they do not have to complete the fishing quota and race to catch, so as to improve the quality of fishing products.
American black cod production is about thirty thousand tons, of which 75% are produced in Alaska. The long black cod hook fishing, a small amount of product as other products by trawling fishing products.
On the west coast, black cod in the autumn fishing season by hook fishing line. A small amount of products from other year-round operation of trawling products by catch products.
In addition to the West Coast trawl fishing products incidentally fishing products produced in almost all American black cod in form of frozen goods sales. The United States can export frozen and frozen sea shore coalfish products. Almost all export coalfish are to head, and remove the dirty collar bone.
Black cod can grow to 13 kg in size, but most commercial fishing goods in size of 2.2 to 4 kg. Alaska sea fishing black cod is usually larger than the black cod fishing along the West coast. Big black cod usually fishing in the deep cold water, because of its higher oil content and the price is high.

Packaging: color bag packaging
Net content: 150g; 200g; 300g

Origin: The United States

Letinous edodes steamed cod
1, add a little salt cod, steamed fish soy sauce with uniform code smell.
2, letinous edodes washing the top dozen flower knife, shredded ginger; red pepper wash cut Xiaoding standby.
3, COD steam 7-8 minutes, pour distilled water.
4, set the fire pot add a little water, half a teaspoon of porcelain oyster sauce.
5, add red pepper soup to boil water starch thicken, pour into the COD can be.
Pan fried cod
1, cod with garlic, salt, black pepper sauce, salted cod will be half an hour;
2, pan heat oil, the marinated cod dip egg snow into the pan fried, fried side, then fry the other side.
There are three ways to prevent the frying:
1, cod dry;
2, marinated egg and fry cod dip, dip out liquid can be dipped in a little starch;
3, fried, be sure to pan fried side, then the other side, otherwise easy to stick pan.

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