Snow Crab Leg Meat

Snow Crab

Alaska snow crab is all of the crab in the size of the largest one, average every 6 pounds to 10 pounds, known as slightly sweet taste and white meat, especially red and white side leg and claw meat the most delicious fresh; snow crab, also known as Tanner crab, mainly from Alaska area is Alaska’s largest crab resources and high yield in fishing capacity of more than 10 million tons.
Crab is a deep-sea crab, it is not only delicious, and nutritious, is a kind of high protein and low cholesterol food. Can be directly eaten or crab mix cucumber, crab meat and eggs, crab meat dumplings, crab meat winter melon soup, crab chicken cake, vegetables stewed crab and other production.
The crab cold, taste salty, heat clearing and detoxifying, Bugu Tim marrow, nourishing tendons, and limb joints, nourishing liver yin, gastric juice filling effect; for congestion, jaundice, pain in the loins and rheumatoid arthritis has a certain therapeutic effect.

Packaging: color bag packaging
Net content: 200g

Origin:The United States

Crab meat with eggs
The weeding out the crab steamed crab meat; two whisk the eggs, add crab meat, a little salt and chopped green onion, stir evenly; two spoonfuls of olive oil, heat, pour egg stir fry quickly to just can be solidified.
Crab legs
Material Science:
Crab, garlic, bean cake, sugar, seven flavor, spicy bean sauce
1 crab legs rinse, put in boiling water to cook;
2 finely chop garlic, garlic into the pan fried crisp, picked up the spare;
3 in the pot to stay a little oil, add bean crisp fried until crispy;
4 and then into the cooked crab legs, garlic, stir fry evenly can be.
Crab leg meat steamed custards
1. snow crab leg dry water stand-by, medlar with warm water soak, onion cut flower.
2.beaten eggs and eggs as components of the warm water, then add salt, chicken powder and flour, stirring evenly, remove floating foam.
3. the uniform of the egg into the dish, into the steamer steamed with the fire, steaming time to slightly open the lid, so as to avoid the custard steamed overdone.
4. Steamed Egg Custard steamed cooked to 8 points when the snow crab leg put on, and then continue to mature cage steamed out.
5. Steamed Egg Custard sprinkle wolfberry and chopped green onion, pour the soup.

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