Peeled Shrimp bags

Green food from nature

Penaeus vannamei, also known as the white legged shrimp, shrimp or origin, concentrated in the Ecuador coast. Penaeus vannamei is a species of shrimp, South American shrimp shell thin body fat, tender meat, delicious taste and rich nutrition. China, Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador and other countries are the main source of shrimp farming in South america.
Our South American shrimp from the South American fresh white shrimp species, natural pollution-free, for the sake of you and your family’s health, eat more at ease.

Bring happiness to your taste

South American shrimp meat clean like jade,  taste delicious. Early entrance, the meat is soft and sweet, light seafood filling mouth, bring happiness and good taste enjoyment, but also rich rich in magnesium and astaxanthin is the ages of good ingredients.

Nutritious fresh shrimp meat

1.Shrimp contains rich protein, is one of the high protein content of food, compared to the fish and shrimp, containing essential amino acids valine is not high, but is nutritionally balanced sources of protein.
2.Compared. Shrimps and fish meat, poultry, fat content and almost does not contain as energy source of animal sugar, also contains rich potassium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace elements and vitamin A and other ingredients.

Packing: two South American shrimp bag; South American shrimp four bags

Net content:200g;320g

Origin: China

Shrimp fried rice with eggs and fresh vegetables

Ingredients: shrimp; ginger, salt, pepper, the amount of starch.
1. green, red and yellow peppers cut grain, plain white rice nongsan;
2. heat 1 tablespoons oil, add shrimp saute, then add bell pepper and stir fry, take out;
3.To burn 2 tablespoons oil, saute ginger at the end, with rice, salt and stir fry, finally add shrimp and bell pepper, sprinkle a little pepper stir fry can be loaded dish of edible.

Sauteed Shrimp with Broccoli
Net 150 grams, 50 grams of fresh peas.
1 egg, onion, ginger, pepper, cornstarch, cooking wine, salt, the amount of broth.
Making method:
The shrimp with salt and pepper, egg white and starch sizing; wash the peas, boiled.
2 pot set the fire, put the oil till the heat, add shrimp slip cooked, remove oil, right into the juice with the remaining salt, pepper, water, starch and broth.
The pot hot oil, onion, ginger, shrimp, peas, fry, pour the sauce and stir fry until cooked.
The fresh shrimp, frozen shrimp and shrimp with shell are good. Peas can also change as to the flesh with the skin of cucumbers.
The lubricating oil can not be overheated when shrimp wok.
White shrimp tofu
Ingredients: shrimp; tofu; green peppers; green onion, salt, pepper, corn starch.
1. Cut small pieces of tofu, chopped green peppers;

2. Shrimp, tofu, water Cheuk;

3.pot and pour oil, put chopped green onion saute;

4. Put boiled shrimp and bean curd stir fry;

5. Followed with pepper, salt, water, starch;

6. The fire five minutes out of the pot.

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